What does ‘being organised’ mean anyway?


S = STEP by STEP: Give up trying to do it all. Stop focusing on your ‘to do list’. It’s taken you your whole life to get where you are, so don’t expect the clutter to disappear in a day. If you can focus on one step at a time, you’ll achieve mastery and you’ll get in the zone of fulfilment.

U = Unique: You are unique and your system needs to work for YOU, not anybody else. There is no cookie-cutter approach to being organised. You need to recognise where you are now and where you want to be. Go at your own pace. Don’t compare yourself with others.

C = Clutter-Free: To be clutter free means there’s a clear path between you and your goals. It means you’re not tripping up on yesterday’s news while you’re busy making today’s memories. It means letting go of all the stuff that you need to tidy, clean, store, maintain and repair.

C = Can Do: Being organised means having a ‘can-do’ attitude. You can adapt and respond to the changes that come your way, be they a move, a marriage, children, illness, holidays, weddings, redundancies. Being organised means you’ll stay Calm in the face of Chaos and remain CLEAR about your purpose.

E = Efficient: This means not re-inventing the wheel every day. It means getting the highest possible results with the least amount of effort. It means saving steps, saving time and just being conscious of your process of doing something. Every day you’re getting better, faster, stronger.

S = Stress-Free: This is how you feel when you’re organised. You’re calm, you’re centred, you’re able to BE ‘present’ where you are and just focus. Your relationships change for the better, you’re more attentive and you allow yourself to experience the good things that life has to offer.

S = Spontaneity: People sometimes fear the process of getting organised because it might mean that they won’t be spontaneous any more. But if I can’t pop over to your house because you’re not ready…you need to tidy up…where’s the spontaneity in that?? There is no more obvious a sign that someone is organised than the degree to which they can be spontaneous. Being able to go on a wild goose chase when the whim takes you, knowing that you can come back and things will still be under control? Now that’s being organised!!

What do you think of this definition? I want to hear your thoughts. x