Step 1 – Choose Your System

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Choose which system you need to start with.  An easy way to choose is to look at what’s holding you back the most right now. For example, if it’s your backlog of Paper and e-mail, then Paper Flow is a great system to start with.  If your office and home is cluttered and you can’t find things easily, then you would choose ‘Clearing the Past’.  If your Money is disorganised and chaotic and if you really need to sort that out, then you can start with that.  Just trust yourself that you know which one is best for you right now.

Download the workbook of your choice:

Momentum Platinum Get Your Paper Flowing
Momentum Platinum How To Get What You Want
Momentum Platinum Milking It In Your Office
Momentum Platinum Clearing The Past
Momentum Platinum Whats For Dinner
Momentum Platinum Milk Money
Momentum Platinum Energy Flow coming soon