The thing about goals – Success Tip # 1.

Hi there,

Yesterday, I updated my goals. This is not an unusual occurrence, since I’m a pretty avid goal-setter, but it has prompted me to write this post about the difference between (shh: goals) and GOALS!!!

Here’s the thing: yesterday I set my goals with a friend. There was something pretty special about saying it out loud with someone who I know is going to be tapping me on the shoulder and keeping me accountable. My friend could tell when I was trying to brush one off and helped me to make it more clear and exciting. I do this all the time with other people, but gee it was great to have the tables turned on me.

This one hour with a cup of tea has unleashed all sorts of energy (as you’re about to find out).

There are 15 ways to test whether your goals are (shh: goals I’ll keep in private ’cause I might not reach ’em) and GOALS!!! I’m gonna get for sure!! Grab your list of goals now and check them against success tip #1.

Success tip # 1: Your goals have to congruent or in line with your personal values. The thing about goals

This is probably the single biggest reason people don’t achieve their goals.

Let’s just imagine that one of your goals concerns money and you decide that you “need a steady and increasing income of $100,000 per year or more”. If you were brought up to believe that “people with money are selfish” then you’re going to find it extremely difficult, almost impossible to achieve your goal.

You simply won’t resonate with it. Your head will tell you ‘I need to achieve this’ but your heart will tell you ‘I don’t want to become selfish’. Your options are that you can either change these values or beliefs that don’t serve you, or you can change your goals.

Here, I think changing your beliefs is the best approach. Now this is important: I don’t mean changing your ethical or religious beliefs, or your standards of right and wrong. It just means you should question where you got that limiting idea from. It might mean thinking back to what people said or demonstrated to you a long time ago. Some values that helped you navigate through adolescence might not be suitable for you now.

A useful exercise might be to spend some time tapping into what your values and beliefs are in the various areas of your life: money, love, relationships, learning, health, career, community and fun. All you need to do is just listen to your inner voice. Highlight any that you would like to modify or change. Then consider what a new more empowering belief might be. For example: ‘The world has unlimited abundance’, and ‘by acquiring wealth, I can be free to help myself, my family and many others’. Try the new belief on like a fabulous new dress. How does it feel?

If it feels great, then keep it! Now check your goals: are they congruent with your beliefs and values?

Stay tuned for The thing about Goals – success tip # 2