Ottomans, especially storage ottomans are great for the home or office. In the office they are perfect for storing magazines, reams of paper, or anything in general you need access to, but want to hide away, they can also double as a foot rest with some strong enough to sit on. Coming in a range of styles and colours, you’ll be sure to find one that suits your office décor – be it an office, a home office or a study.

At home you will find storage ottomans incredibly helpful, functioning as a great item of furniture – extra seating, foot rest etc and doubling as storage. In the kids room they can have a few as seating while inside it hides their toys, books, video games, DVD’s etc. In the lounge room they are great as foot rests while again being useful storage for magazines, DVD’s, books or spare bedding if you have a sofa bed.

For the bedroom storage ottomans are handy, you can have it at the foot of your bed to store your linen, or blankets and doona during the summer months, you can even use it to store extra clothing, books, magazines – whatever you need for the room, and it gives you quick access to your items when you need them. Thanks to so many fabrics, styles and shapes finding one that suits your personal tastes is a breeze.

You can even buy *inserts* for some of the larger ottomans this allows you to have even more organisation thanks to the little compartments the inserts provide which is perfect if you want to store your shoes. One compartment, one pair of shoes, no need to rummage through to find the other shoe and when you are rushing to get the kids to school or to get to work, you don’t have the time to spare trying to find a lost shoe!