Open the door to your success

Don’t you just love friends you can call on to help you move mountains? Someone who helps you stay true to your dreams and gets you unstuck? Here’s an example of someone I love talking to from time to time.

This week I had a great chat with my friend and fellow coach Natalie Ashdown from Open Door Coaching Group. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Natalie for the last 10 years and I just love chatting with her. Our conversations start out with the usual ‘how are you and what have you been doing?’ Then that’s about where the general chit chat ends. We quickly turn a business or personal challenge that either one of us is experiencing into an opportunity to move mountains. We talk about what we’re doing to address challenges and we listen to and share each others’ perspectives and experiences.

There’s always a big shift when I chat with Natalie. Suddenly – you’ve moved way past the challenge into the area of wonderful solutions and opportunities and you’re grateful for the whole issue in the first place. That’s what a powerful conversation does. It moves you, it motivates you and it dissolves any negative energy.

This past month, I’ve been helping a corporate client build a high performing team. I’ve been running workshops and coaching the team to create a compelling vision and roadmap for the future. One of the resources I like to draw from is Natalie’s book, ‘Bring Out Their Best’. It’s full of more than 30 case studies from Australian corporate coaches and companies. A must read for anyone wishing to implement a coaching culture in their workplace.

You can visit Natalie’s site