If you are sadly one of those people who would love an office but don’t really have the space but you have a spare free-standing wardrobe and some time on your hands, you can have your very own office in a cupboard in no time. Getting creative is the key, maybe you just want a place to store your craft goodies, or make an activity centre for the children, there is nothing stopping you, with some time and imagination you’ll have the perfect office or craft centre in no time – and the best thing is you will have made it yourself.

Once you have your wardrobe or cupboard take time to plan what you want to use it for and what you want to store inside, you can then organise shelving and drawers accordingly. For the inside of the doors, line them with some pretty contact – or wallpaper – attach some magnetic spice racks – you can use them to hold rubber bands, paper clips or craft supplies, a coat rack is great to hang scissors and other small items from. On the other door string elastic across allowing you to hang some small items such as material, embroidery threads etc.

For the inside you can add some mini drawers for storing papers, stickers, cards, and for those important papers a mini filing cabinet is great and you can label each drawer so bills and paperwork doesn’t get lost again. Don’t forget some pencil holders for your pens and you can arrange smaller boxes with items like paint, glue, sticky tape all together, this way everything is at your finger tips, if it’s a children’s craft centre everything is together for them to use, if it is your office you have easy access to it all when you need it.