Managing your Social Media Personalities

social media personalitiesThis post is from guest Blogger Phillipa Spork from Blue Sky Engagement. We would love to hear your thoughts – please comment down below.

Consider for a moment how many personas you have. I know I’ve got a few.

I’m Class Parent Rep, morning reader, PandC event organiser, U6 rugby team manager and overall fabulous School Mum – who would love to project the (often inaccurate) impression that I am completely in control, that all three children are on top of their reading, have their homework done, are always on-time to their commitments (hmm), are always wearing clean (‘ish at least) socks, having brushed their teeth (well at least once this week). I also always have dinner in the table on time ( of course I do.) You get the idea. The holes are starting to show. But don’t I sound amazing!?

I am also Business Director running a team of 4 people, not-for-profit board member, who presents multi-million dollar ideas to a range of high-flying executives, around Australia for a living. I’m also building an innovative Communications and Engagement business. I wonder what they would think if they knew I had written our meeting agenda from the school pick-up line.

Of course I am also the carefree fun loving and relaxed party girl, who doesn’t mind having a few champagnes at the races, and tends to take photos of my escapades and try to post them on Facebook.

But I don’t want my clients to know that. That’s not who they want in control of their vital thought leadership and corporate communications strategies.

Do I really want my clients to know I went to Hawaii at Christmas or that I just bought a BMW? Will they think I charge them too much?

My son’s Prep teacher who happens also to be my Assistant’s Mother, and devoted church going, enviably angelic woman who I adore; I am friends with on Facebook. Right! I can absolutely never post, like, share or comment on anything rude, politically incorrect or anything with swearing in it ever again. What would she think?

And so the editing of my social profile begins. Don’t get me wrong. We all do it. I could however be excused for being confused about who I actually am!

I’m a fraud! No, I’m just selectively sharing. No, I’m just adaptable. No wait, I’m a multi-tasker!

In fact, I am all of these things. And let’s face it, who isn’t?

The challenge is merging our personas into an authentic and engaging communication portal through which we contribute to the discussions around us in a meaningful way.

It’s as simple as that. But do not be fooled. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

For fun, have a look at your social profiles and consider the duplication. I know many of my Professional LinkedIn Connections are now my Facebook friends. One night out with your clients and you end up on Facebook – just don’t forget you friended them next time you head to the beach on a weekday.

And let’s face it – how many of us trawled our Facebook friends list in the beginning to fill up our professional contacts on LinkedIn. My husband and I actually had a race to see who could get to 100 first. What I’m saying is that whatever you do in your social Comms space, be authentic. And consider who is watching.

phillipa_sporkI recently decided to just fess up and merge my personas! My personal Facebook and Twitter pages have merged with my professional pages. My business brand icon has merged into my personal brand and my name has merged into my business brand. After all, like I said, I am many people, and they are all authentically me.

The opportunities for business promotion are endless and the chances to slip up, ever present! It’s a fascinating time we are living in.

By the way, I wrote this blog post on my iPad on the plane to Sydney for business.

Don’t I sound amazing! I hope the kids remembered their lunches.