Making Life Easy – Time Saver Tip

Time saver tip: What I love about my Ready Reference Folder time saver tip

Today I want to show you my ready reference binder and why I love it so much. It’s a simple tool and really easy to make yourself. It will save you time and energy because everything you need to refer to is at your finger tips. And the other great thing about it is that it’s in hard copy, so you don’t need to boot up your computer to see it. I keep it in the kitchen at home and take it with me to work.

The first thing to tell you is that I keep it upright in a magazine box just on my desk, just like the picture here. This is a picture from my book Paper Flow, and it shows you how I like to store it when I’m home. Then when I’m on the road, it comes with me.

So what do I keep in it? Well I keep my goals in the front. Then I have a print out of my Monthly and Weekly planner. So I can see at a snapshot what I’m doing for the week and month ahead.

I include my Paper Flow schedule which just shows when each of my recurring actions and projects are happening and my team work with me on those.

At a glance I can see my meal planner, my shopping list and my household budget. I also keep the Pilates timetable, a list of dates that I need to book babysitters for and the gym timetable.

I’ve also inserted a poem called ‘Letting Go’ that inspires me and at the back, my Emergency Numbers.

It’s really simple and flexible and you can add to it and update it whenever you need to.

It’s easy to make. You just need a display folder – mine is from kikki.K. Then you create a contents sheet at the front. You can download the template free from – it’s called an 8 tab divider, Paper Flow book. Then the templates for goals, emergency numbers, etc are all here at Did You Remember The Milk? So make sure you’re a member and you can have access to all of those. Use a label machine to write your name and what it is on the spine, so you instantly know what it is.

By the way, I also have this in soft copy on my phone and PC, so I can get it whenever I need to.

So that’s it. What do you think? What would you keep in yours?