Magnetic Spice Rack

Spice jars or small containers to hold your spices in, isn’t a new concept, keeping spice in jars has been around for centuries, however HOW we store them has changed. Thanks to the invention of magnets – and magnetic spice racks we can now attach our spice containers to a steel plate – which can be fixed directly onto the wall allowing us to store spices horizontally or vertically. The great thing about this is once you put your spice container back it stays put.

The best thing about a magnetic spice rack is (within reason) you can mount it anywhere in your kitchen – near the stove, inside a cupboard door, on the wall – anywhere you want. This type of spice rack also frees up space in your cupboards or on your bench tops. Try and pick a magnetic spice rack that is functional yet still looks good in your kitchen, you don’t want a modern spice rack in a traditional country kitchen and vice versa.

Magnetic spice racks are a practical and pretty way to store your spices, with their see through lids if you chose not to label the actual container, you can see at a glance what’s inside easily and these are perfect for someone with a small kitchen and limited space. If you don’t really have the wall space for a rack, why not simply attach the spice canisters to your fridge then they are always handy for adding spice to your meals.

Alternatively you can use magnetic spice racks in the garage or shed, simply attach the base plate to the wall and fill your spice jars with nuts, bolts, washers, screws etc to have all those little items easy to find. You can also use them in the office, place the plate on the wall by your desk, on the side of a shelf or just on your desk, fill each container with paper clips, thumb tacks, rubber bands this way you have all your little stationary needs close at hand.