Linus Pantry Bin

The Linus Pantry Bin gives you a second pair of helping hands in your pantry. This wonderful range from Howards Storage World is a god-send for the working mum. When you finally get home from grocery shopping you want to be able to pack your groceries away as quickly as possible – placing each item where it should be. If you are organising your weekly shopping list you need to know what is in your pantry and these bins make it so easy to find items fast, you can easily see what you do or don’t need to buy.

When the children are hungry and looking for a snack or you are preparing a meal, it’s great to know where everything is, no more scratching around, pulling half the pantry contents out to find one item. Linus Pantry Bins are clear and light weight so pulling them out of your pantry is a breeze, being clear allows you to see easily at a glance what is in each bin to help save you time.

Some bins come with a divider so you can section the bin for those little fiddly items, like jelly packets, fruit juice, chocolates, spices, packet sachets etc. As bins come in different sizes you can arrange them to fit your pantry perfectly, from storing tins and jars to packet mixes. Bins help make your pantry look neater, helping the pantry to function better, from rushing to organise children’s lunches to preparing dinner, it’s helpful to have things right at your finger tips. While it might take the better part of a day to re-organise your pantry once you do you’ll be kicking yourself you didn’t do it years ago.