Laundry Ideas

We all want or need more storage space in the laundry, depending on the size of your room and the available area and space you have, why not do something so different from everything your friends and family have. If you have the time and a little Do It Yourself knowledge you can make your very own unique storage unit for your laundry!

Do you have an old wooden ladder hanging around in the shed or garage – if you do that’s perfect. If not probably have a look around your local garage sales or online classifieds and track one down. It doesn’t really matter what *condition* it’s in – that part doesn’t matter – in fact the older looking the better. Simply remove the front steps area from the back support – you only want this side of the ladder. Now, you can paint it if you want, the same colour as your wall, so it blends in, or something bold so it stands out, or you can simply keep it just as it is for a *rustic* look.

Lean it against your wall. Head down to your local storage store and buy a few narrow baskets – they need to be short enough to sit on the rung of the ladder – so measure your rung sizes first. When you get home simply nail – or screw a basket onto each rung, this is so when you add contents you don’t run the risk of the basket falling off. Depending on how many rungs on your ladder you could have between 5 or 9 extra shelves. Baskets are great for toilet paper, towels, tissues, cleaning products. The ladder can be easily moved out of the way if needed and as ladders are usually narrow they will fit into a tiny space. By attaching the baskets to the rungs if you do move the ladder you don’t have to worry about the baskets falling off.