Laundry Idea

If you are fortunate enough to have a large laundry but you seem to lack storage space and you would like to add a down home country or rustic feel to the room, a smart idea and cheap storage solution is to pick up an old pallet and 4 wooden crates. The more weathered and old the pallet and crates look the better. You can sometimes pick up pallets from hardware stores – free, for the older style fruit crates try second hand stores or little speciality shops. Bunning’s do sell fruit crates – these are brand new, but you can paint them, or wallpaper them anyway you want.

Simply stand your pallet up and attach it to your wall, at the front add 3-4 towel hooks and you have an instant drying space for towels, wet coats, umbrellas etc. Next get your crates and nail 2 of them onto the top of the pallet by their side once done, nail the remaining two on top – this gives you 4 separate areas for storage and a flat area on top for more storage.

If you want you can cover the pallet and crates in wallpaper, or paint, sand them back and stain them or leave them just the way they are, after all it’s your house – you have the look you want. You now have 4 extra spaces for towels paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning products, pet’s items, rain boots etc. The great thing about a storage design such as this is – you have made it yourself and even if friends or family copy your design, yours will still be different to anyone else’s.

We all want structure in our life, storage helps make this possible and if you are a busy working mum anything you can do to help save some precious time along the way is good.