Keeping Your Balls Contained

ball storageParents juggling business and family don’t have time to be picking up after the children every hour. Netballs, basket balls, soccer balls, footballs all take up a bit of space and easily fall out of buckets and baskets.

Harness that juggling act by creating an easy to reach home for all your sports balls. This one is a great use of the often under-utilised vertical space, not to mention that useless corner of the garage. If you are handy with a hammer, some nails and a few pieces of wood, then this is a super easy project. Head to your local hardware store and grab yourself a few pieces of wood and some bungee cords. Simply cut and nail 4 pieces of wood to make a square shape then attach that to the corner of your garage, make another one and attach it lower down. Grab your bungee cords and hook them from the top square to the bottom square and at the base of the bottom square use 2 or 3 smaller bungee cords this will stop the balls falling straight through.

Now you have a great storage solution for your children’s balls – this can be made to size to take as many or as few balls that you have, it’s a great way to keep your garage or shed neat, plus your children will always know where their balls are – as long as you can get them to put them back! The great thing about a design like this is it’s quick to make, can be made to fit the space you have and it’s super easy to see where the balls are, making them easier for your children to find.