Here are seven easy tips that you can do this week to avoid the last minute panic:

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  1. 2016_christmas_planner_2Take your diary and go somewhere with no distractions for half an hour.
  2. Picture yourself at the end of the year and imagine feeling completely happy that you’ve got everything sorted. In that moment – say the 24th December – what are the major things that you ‘did’ that made a Christmas a stress free season? This exercise will help you stay focussed on what’s important.
  3. Decide which are the most important tasks to get done this week and allocate time for them in your diary. Allow more time than you think you need. You know why.
  4. Then look at what you don’t have time for. Can you delegate that task? Can you push it out? Can you talk to the other people involved and get an extension? Can you delete it?
  5. The statistics clearly show that despite most people saying they want to spend less each Christmas season, they buckle when they hit the mall. We typically spend more than we think. How can we get around this? It’s called a plan.
  6. Don’t sweat the Christmas shopping: there are so many great online stores that you can buy from and you won’t be tempted to spend more than you need. Start with your Ultimate Christmas Planner Christmas gift List and decide who you want to buy for first. Then decide what you think each person would like. Browse online for some ideas and write them down next to each name on your list. Set your budget and then whether you buy online or you step out into the lights and bling of the Christmas shops, you’ll have a plan and budget. That’s half the battle.
  7. If you don’t have a Christmas planner, you can purchase your copy of our Organised By Christmas Planner