Entry Way

The entry way is usually the first room, a visitor sees when they enter your house, and no doubt you’d like to keep it as clutter free as you can, however sometimes it’s hard to do, between working and children it can be hard to keep on top of things, sometimes items need to be left close to the door, for easy access for school, work or sports, the good news is your entry way doesn’t have to be a *mess*

It is possible to create a good impression for your visitors and this can be achieved by some creative storage solutions. Make a start with some coat hooks ideally one per person, and one for the dog lead (if you have a dog) here each person can hang their school bag, raincoat, whatever you need to have handy by the door. A nice big box for shoes is a must, encourage your family to remove their shoes when they get home and place them neatly in the box, this way they’ll know where to find their shoes in the morning. Alternatively you can use the box for just rain boots so mud and water doesn’t get tracked through your home.

If you have the space a chalk board, note board or magnetic board can be mounted on the wall, you can write reminders or messages, missed phone calls etc, pin messages, or even the mail to remind you a bill needs to be paid. By making a message centre – right by the door, no one can say they forgot!

And finally – if your family needs it you can consider installing some small storage baskets/shelves for extras like sports uniform, sporting equipment, school books, books or DVD’s that need to be returned. Spending an afternoon adding some extra storage to your entry way will keep the area neat and tidy, organised and most importantly everyone will know where their things are when they need them, no more screaming and yelling and running through the house when a shoe can’t be found.