Does your work bag work hard for you?

I’ve been looking for a new work bag for a while and today I finally succumbed. I needed a bag that could handle my full life. I needed a bag big enough to hold my laptop, my reading material, my items for the day, like meeting notes, mail, receipts and forms. And I wanted it to be stylish. Oh and I also needed compartments for my pens, keys, sunnies, wallet, tissues, business cards, toys that my kids hand me in the school yard as I wave them good bye. You get the picture. This bag needed to be stylish and smart. Oh, and it needs to be my mobile office.

Too much to ask?

Apparently not. When I interviewed Kristina Karlsson, founder of Kikki.K Swedish stationary chain, via e-mail for our blog post yesterday, I finally discovered I needed the Vaxholm. A classic shoulder bag in ‘Cognac’ leather. My search for the perfect work bag is over. This is totally my mobile office. I LOVE IT.

It features a separate padded compartment for your laptop, external and internal zip pockets, leather pen loops, phone pocket, leather cable wrap and attached key chain – this stylish leather bag has all the compartments you need to organise all your everyday essentials. It fits my laptop and it matches my small handbag that I can take to lunch.

Any of my bag lovers out there will understand what I’m talking about. Please let me know your thoughts.

Find it here: