Containers To Tame Your Space

craft room storageIn any room of your home or office, keeping things neat, tidy and organised is key to saving space and managing your time and stress levels. Container storage is one of the many ways we have to tame our mess. To keep your home or work space efficient, it needs to be neat and you need to be able to find what you need, when you need it. The golden rule is to keep like with like and give everything a home. Your daily tools; pens, pencils, scissors, labeller etc can be kept together in it’s own box that you can take with you wherever you sit to do attend to your paperwork.

Magazines, recipe books, diaries, note books look great in magazine storage containers – we love the range at Kikki-K. In the kitchen all your cooking magazines or cook books can be stored in magazine boxes, keeping them together and easy to access. Thanks to the many styles, colours and shapes you can colour co-ordinate your room or colour code your books and magazines, all baking magazines in one, all pasta books in another. You need everything at your finger tips especially when time is of the essence.