Success Story – Joanne Sheedy

Hi Brigitte,

I just wanted to say that as a single working mum to two young energetic boys, I was very much looking forward to your webinar “Lighten your load, cut your work in half”…yes please, SO NEED to de-clutter my home and put in place better schedules & time management strategies.

I logged on to the webinar and was enjoying it immensely (was just watching your gremlin…yes I have one of those…haha) when as things go, I got called to attend to an emergency (I work in a hospital…so no choice there).

So, I was delighted to see that after the webinar you posted a link on your website to re-view it. I am very interested in hearing your tips/strategies and would appreciate any help you could offer.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Joanne Sheedy

Success Story – Robert Louis Stevenson

From you, I have learnt much more than decluttering a room. I’ve learnt a change of mindset. I’ve learnt that my head has been holding the extra ‘just in cases’ and ‘what ifs’ and ‘maybes’. I already know I have won when only halfway through a room declutter (though the end result is super-sweet!). It has taken years for me to perfect the clutter – it will take a little bit of time to turn it around for good. A quote landed in my inbox today and it says exactly what I’m feeling: “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

Success Story – Cath Stothard

It has been said that “to choose time is to save time.” A person who allots a specific amount of time to things that need to be done will often get more out of his time. Brigitte’s program has taught me skills on how the allocate my time. It has helped me to make adjustments to my time available so that I achieve the most, for the least effort.

Wise use of our time comes only after we are keenly aware of its value.

The way we fix our priorities and apportion our time reveals to a large degree what is dearest to our heart.

The program has helped me to make a personal analysis to see how my time is spent. Then I was helped to set up systems that allow me to spend my time, so as to get the best value from what I have available. Using these skills has allowed me to buy out time from necessary daily tasks and give it to the more important things in my life. By and large, most of us can buy out time at the expense of nonessential activities. I have also learnt to identify these and cut back on them. We all have the same amount of time at our disposal; it is up to us as to how we use it.

The program has taught be skills on how to:

  • Set Priorities: We determined what “the more important things” are and put them at the top of our list of priorities.
  • Identify Time Wasters: I was helped to take a close look at my daily routine to see how I could make better use my time.
  • Develop a Good Routine: I achieve much more now I have a daily and weekly schedule.

Cath Stothard

Success Story – G. Landsdown

“… quite amazing. Brigitte helped bring to my conscious my dream job and coached me to see and feel it. She challenged my limiting beliefs and helped me realise what I really want. I left with actions to help me move to the next step and was so excited by the realisations I couldn’t concentrate the next day!” Overall my coaching experience with Brigitte was incredibly enriching. Brigitte opened my eyes to possibilities I had never imagined and has helped me realise what is important to me. My learnings from Brigitte will continue to benefit me for the rest of my life” – G. Landsdown

Success Story – S. Balfour

“Coaching has given me the confidence that anything can be achieved but it just takes thought and planning – which coaching provides the framework for. It has been remarkable! I loved it. It has been an incredibly positive and empowering experience.” – S. Balfour.

13 benefits of clearing your clutter

(I bet you can come up with more) HOMEPRAC_NO05_04

  1. You will feel grateful for the things you love and need and will buy less (thereby saving money).
  2. You will no longer need to buy expensive organising gadgets to solve your clutter problem.
  3. You’ll save at least an hour a day because everything you need will be at your fingertips.
  4. Getting out the door in the morning will be much faster.
  5. Your housework will reduce by 40% as you’ll have fewer belongings to maintain.
  6. Your home will be calm and relaxing with less competing with your attention.
  7. You’ll feel a sense of pride in your home and will want to have people over more often.
  8. You’ll feel less trapped in the past and more confident about the future.
  9. You will enjoy a clear head and be able to focus on any task at hand.
  10. You’ll have extra time to present yourself professionally.
  11. You’ll have more time to devote to your own projects.
  12. You’ll have a better quality family life.
  13. You’ll have more time for yourself!

13 benefits you’ll get when you de-clutter. Road tested and guaranteed by hoarders.

decluttering ideasClearing your clutter is like healthy eating, exercise and rest. You need to do it daily. But sometimes clutter builds up over time and becomes a ‘project’. When that happens, you need a little inspiration. Here are 13 benefits you’re going to get when you de-clutter:

  • You will be happier with less stuff and will buy less (and experience more).
  • You will no longer waste money organising gadgets to solve your clutter problem.
  • You will have an extra hour or more each day because everything you need will be at your fingertips.
  • You will get out the door in the morning faster.
  • You’ll cut your housework by 40% as you’ll have fewer belongings to maintain.
  • Your home will be calm and relaxing with less competing with your attention.
  • You’ll feel a sense of pride in your home and will want to have people over more often.
  • You’ll feel less trapped in the past and more confident about the future.
  • You will enjoy a clear head and be able to focus on any task at hand.
  • You’ll have extra time to present yourself professionally.
  • You’ll have more time to devote to your own projects.
  • You’ll have a better quality family life
  • You’ll have More time for yourself!

Claim these benefits today. Click here to De-Clutter like a Pro.

Top Ten Reasons to de-clutter your life.

declutter-your-kitchenHere are the top 10 reasons why you want to de-clutter your home, business and life:

  1. We wear 20% of the clothes we own 80% of the time. The rest just hangs there ‘just in case’ and gets in the way of the stuff we need to find.
  2. Four in ten Australians say they feel anxious, guilty or depressed about the clutter in their homes. Major health benefits: 80% of our medical expenditures are now stress related. Clutter creates daily stress which slowly builds to breaking point.
  3. Your reputation: 73% of us form impressions of our colleagues by the way their desks are organised. You need a clear desk so you can focus on the job at hand and get home earlier. Reputation and productivity – that’s two reasons to de-clutter your office.
  4. 81% of people plan to spring clean this year because they have too much stuff. That’s weeks of extra cleaning of things you don’t use.
  5. IKEA did a survey of customers in which 31% reported they were more satisfied after clearing out their closets than they were after sex!! A big reason to de-clutter your closet!
  6. We burn 55 minutes a day or 12 weeks a year looking for things we know we own, but can’t find.
  7. 80% of paper we file is never referred to again. Ever.
  8. We spend thousands of dollars per year on storage to contain our stuff
  9. Getting rid of clutter eliminates 40% of housework in an average home
  10. 80% of the clutter in most homes is a result of disorganization.

Open the door to your success

Don’t you just love friends you can call on to help you move mountains? Someone who helps you stay true to your dreams and gets you unstuck? Here’s an example of someone I love talking to from time to time.

This week I had a great chat with my friend and fellow coach Natalie Ashdown from Open Door Coaching Group. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Natalie for the last 10 years and I just love chatting with her. Our conversations start out with the usual ‘how are you and what have you been doing?’ Then that’s about where the general chit chat ends. We quickly turn a business or personal challenge that either one of us is experiencing into an opportunity to move mountains. We talk about what we’re doing to address challenges and we listen to and share each others’ perspectives and experiences.

There’s always a big shift when I chat with Natalie. Suddenly – you’ve moved way past the challenge into the area of wonderful solutions and opportunities and you’re grateful for the whole issue in the first place. That’s what a powerful conversation does. It moves you, it motivates you and it dissolves any negative energy.

This past month, I’ve been helping a corporate client build a high performing team. I’ve been running workshops and coaching the team to create a compelling vision and roadmap for the future. One of the resources I like to draw from is Natalie’s book, ‘Bring Out Their Best’. It’s full of more than 30 case studies from Australian corporate coaches and companies. A must read for anyone wishing to implement a coaching culture in their workplace.

You can visit Natalie’s site

Your Ultimate Life

See it, feel it, create it, share it…. milk it! Your Ultimate Life

The first step to getting anything you want in life is to get clear about what it is you want. Simple, yes? But do we always do it? No. A lot of our day is spent worrying about what we don’t want or focussing on the results we don’t want. By creating a clear picture of what you DO want and keeping it close by, you will be able to spend more time move toward it rather than away from it. Pretty simple!

Sadly many people adopt the ‘pin the tail on the donkey method’ of approaching what they want in life. They have a vague notion of what they want – not a clear picture. They are figuratively blindfolded as they then set about in all directions hoping it’s going to get them closer to their target. It’s a costly and ‘round about’ way to getting what you want in life.

Every successful program of action starts with a plan – YOUR PLAN – and the clearer your plan, the easier it’s going to be to hit it.

No matter how busy your life is time set aside to get connected with what you want pays off huge dividends. Seeing your vision everyday will inspire you and give you the juice you need in the tank on the days when you’re feeling flat, when you’re procrastinating, and when you feel overwhelmed.

Write it, see it, feel it, connect to it and then milk it!

Write your perfect life:

Think about the different areas of your life: what do you want to have happen in each area? Don’t worry about the time frame, or the specifics of how you’re going to get what you want, just think about the various areas of your life and ask yourself, if there was nothing that could stop me, what would life be like for me? Take a pen and paper and write down what comes to mind:

Top tips for getting in the ‘right headspace’ for creating your vision of the future:

  • Go to a location that is calm and inspiring
  • That place should not be cluttered or have distractions
  • Put on some music
  • Sit in a comfortable chair
  • Shut your eyes and imagine yourself five years from now
  • Pretend you’re in a movie.
  • If nothing’s coming to mind, ask yourself the 5 Ws: what where when who and why

See it, Feel it, Connect to it:

Vision boards are a powerful way to get you connected with what you want to be, do, have and achieve. A vision board is a kind of visual and verbal articulation of your goals.

You can cut pictures out of magazines, draw, or use your own photos. Digital vision boards have become popular with people wanting to get instant access to inspiration on the run. If you’re really adventurous, you might want to make a movie style vision board and there are programs available online that can do that for you such as

Simple steps to creating a vision board:

  1. Gather your materials: Poster board or a cork board – doesn’t matter what colour
  2. A big pile of all different sorts of magazines. You want a big variety so that you have lots of different images. You can scan them in or you can get old magazines from libraries, etc.
  3. Glue & scissors

Before you cut a single magazine: Make sure you finished the first exercise – getting clear about what you want. You want to know what you’re looking for, what your purpose is in each area, and what would make your life great.

Be Specific. By being as detailed as possible, your subconscious can more easily focus on the goal. Use pictures of yourself in your vision board along with friends and family. Instead of using a generic beach and ocean scene when envisaging a holiday, for example, use an image of the exact location you wish to visit and paste an image of yourself on the scene.

Don’t worry about how. If you spend energy trying to work out how you’re going to get what you want your practical left brain will constantly throw up excuses such as, “Well how are you going to get a million dollars?” or “Where will you meet your ideal partner?” In this exercise, you just want to listen to your heart, and to the right side of the brain, the creative side, and just believe.

Accessibility. Ensure your vision board is somewhere where it will be seen regularly. If you prefer the traditional card style (A3 size works well – you can get good quality card stock from craft shops) stick it somewhere where it will be seen at least a couple of times a day. Not just glimpsed at but somewhere where you can spend a good few minutes putting energy into envisaging the images on your board as if they were real life happening to you right now. Your bathroom might be an option – perhaps behind the vanity mirror. Laminate them first to protect them from moisture. Create a mini-version by scanning it in to your computer, resizing it and printing out an A5 version to carry around in your diary. If you spend a lot of time at your computer, consider saving your PowerPoint vision board as your screensaver (using the My Pictures Slideshow option) so that you’re regularly focusing on it. If you use vision board software, it can be accessed on your mobile device and you’ll be instantly inspired.

Tell a friend. Only a small percentage of people set goals for themselves. Creating a vision board helps clarify those goals. Sharing your vision board with a friend will help cement those goals and keep you on track to achieve your vision. Don’t share your vision board with someone who does not understand how they work – they may put doubts in your head. As an example, they might point at a photo of you flying a plane and say, “You’re never going to get your pilot’s licence, you’re scared of flying.” But getting a pilot’s licence is your ultimate goal in conquering your fear of flying. Or they might try and be practical by saying, “You can’t have a Balinese style hut in the Alps, that’s impossible.” Against the odds, there are sub-tropical gardens on an estate in England – a climate not know for jungle plants! Nothing is impossible. Across Europe, far from the coast, there exist enclosed beaches complete with sand and waves – they exist because someone had a vision. Share your vision board with friends that you know will be supportive and encouraging, and perhaps even look out for opportunities for you. If they know your dream job is a travel presenter for example, the will more likely to let you know of any contacts or chances they hear about.

Be Comprehensive. The mind works on exclusion as well as inclusion so it’s important to cover all aspects of your life – friendship, money, career, family, health, location. If you put too much emphasis on only one area or even if you neglect only one area it will create an imbalance. A vision board focused solely on wealth may well bring riches but possibly at the expense of health and happiness.

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The focus of this program is to give busy mums the systems they need in their home and life to achieve their goals and realise their enormous potential. Many of you have written to me over the years telling that you love the DYRTM organiser but if only you had a coach alongside you to make sure it happens! Someone to keep you accountable to achieving your goals and putting those systems in place in your home and life that you know are going to make you successful. You will receive a complimentary gift if you join in the next seven days, The Ultimate Christmas Planner.

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