Under Bed Storage

For those living in a small unit or house or for anyone who just doesn’t seem to have enough space in their wardrobe or linen cupboard under bed storage is perfect! Simply put under bed storage are just large storage boxes, often on wheels that are long and wide and designed to fit perfectly under your bed. These containers are often made out of clear or transparent plastic and have a lid – either one that completely fits the base in one solid piece, or one with a split lid, that allows you to open one end of the box, without the need to lift the whole lid – which is perfect if you don’t want to roll the whole box out just to put the lid back on.

Under bed roller boxes are great for storing linen, pillows, blankets, that winter doona, shoes and handbags, clothes you want to keep but don’t wear often or for seasonal clothing to free up space in your wardrobe or linen cupboard. Being clear or transparent plastic you can easily see what is inside and for the kids room they are great to store toys, spare blankets, extra clothing or just for your child to *hide* their little treasures.

Often the space under your bed is wasted and these boxes make good use of that unused space, and coming with a lid keeps the dust out, wheels make it so much easier to pull out and put away your under bed storage box. If you have a guest bedroom an under bed storage box is perfect for keeping the guest linen, blanket and towels, if you have an unexpected guest everything is together and ready for making the bed, no more hunting through the linen cupboard for a nice towel or matching sheets.