Stylish Vision Boards

The reason we want to get organised in life is so we can be, do and have what we desire. So it’s important to have a daily dose of inspiration to keep you going through the journey to getting and staying organised.

Sometimes when we talk about vision boards, people recall tacky old high-school collages. Well rest assured, you can leave all that behind. Your vision board needs to be inspiring, beautiful and make you feel amazing.

Busy entrepreneurial mums may initially feel like creating a vision board is a waste of precious time. But it is actually the opposite. A vision board can pull you much faster towards the life you are working so hard for by feeding the subconscious with powerful symbols and messages.

An important tip: don’t clutter up your vision board with too many images. That can be overwhelming and defeat the purpose. After all, this is the year you’re going to be organised,so a cluttered vision board is not what we’re after!

Engage that right brain of yours for some creative ideas on how you want to display your vision board.

I have used a kikki.K vision board.

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As you can see they are far from boring and actually rather beautiful.

It’s important to create something you love to look at. Remember that through this program, we are going to help you achieve your goals, so really you want to take them seriously enough to find some lovely images. But whatever you do, don’t get all left-brained about it. It must FEEL great. Also, think outside the square. Your images and items are symbols of the things you love and want to attract. They don’t have to be too literal.

This one is so beautiful. I love the pompom trim, the gorgeous wreath and the birds, the different whites and the linen background adds warmth and an earthy tone.

If you prefer more colour and life, check out the one below.

You can also create a digital version of your board so that you can see it any time. We’ve discovered a handy app called Vision Cooker. This displays you vision board on your mobile devices and desktop computers.

How will you display your vision board? What are some great ideas and layouts you have seen?

I’m very excited to announce that we are interviewing Barbara Pellegrino again soon for our 2014 vision board master class. Stay tuned – members will be invited to the webinar.


Here’s to Your Success,
Brigitte and Angie xx
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