Sweater Boxes

It doesn’t matter if you have a huge wardrobe, a walk in robe or hardly any hanging space at all, sweater boxes are a great way to organise your clothes, especially those bulky winter jumpers and sweaters that take up so much room in your closet. Sweater boxes come in a range of shapes and sizes – just remember how many sweaters or jumpers you need to pack away and buy accordingly, even in a big storage box you might only get 4 inside. You can buy sweater organisers that are a soft canvas without a lid and are great for placing on shelving; it helps make packing them away and getting them out easier you don’t end up with a pile of sweaters on a shelf that are threatening to tip over.

You can also purchase clear plastic sweater boxes that come with lids, which is perfect if you want to store the boxes on top of each other and still be able to see what sweaters are inside. Sweater boxes with lids are great at the bottom of your wardrobe or even on the floor, they keep your sweaters clean and dust free while remaining neat and tidy.

Alternately you can look for some pretty patterned sweater storage boxes these can be purchased with or without lids and give a little more *privacy* to your clothing, with a place at the front for a label you can list the boxes contents so finding the right top at the right time is made easy. You can buy your boxes according to the space you have available or where you need to store your sweaters and jumpers. When you’re rushing out the door in the morning, either to take the kids to school, to run errands or to rush to work, you don’t need to waste time hunting for the right top.