Success Story – Luke O’Sullivan

Running a small business is a challenge. There is a myriad of decisions to make everyday and often, making these decisions and trusting your own instincts can be difficult.

In the Live Entertainment Industry the day to day running of the business can include overseeing the management of staff, stock ordering and control, website planning and maintenance, ticketing and box office administration, finance and maintaining stable working relationships with suppliers and sponsors. This can be overwhelming at times, as can the constant pursuit of external opportunities necessary for the growth and diversification of the business.

I thought I was smart enough and resilient enough to tough it out, to work it out, to eventually sort it out and find a way but, like so many businesses, I was under resourced and under capitalized. At this point the thought of a business coach was a bit of an indulgence I thought we could do without.

I was wrong. What I’ve learnt since working with Brigitte is that having someone external to your business can be an enormous benefit to the business. Brigitte listened with genuine interest and absorbed a manic download at a difficult time. She then identified a number of critical, problematic issues, which were enormously beneficial to me. Brigitte has great insight, and an ability to extract necessary information whilst all the time working with you and allowing you to solve the particular problem you are tackling.

Each week the process was much the same, mad download, where are we going to take it, where’s it going to go, BANG, another important issue tackled, resolved, prioritised, strategised and put to bed. Some issues may have been quite trivial, but confusing, subsequently standing in the way of moving forward. Others were more involved but when discussed and analysed were made to look simple and achievable. That’s Brigitte’s real skill, which thankfully I have benefited from greatly.

Brigitte has helped to keep the momentum going, she has kept me in a positive frame of mind and provided me with a clarity that has freed me up and helped me to manage my time, my business and subsequently my life more productively.

Luke O’Sullivan, Owner – Hi Fi Bar & Ballroom