Success Story – Damian O’Sullivan

FinPa New Media is a small software development company with blue chip clients. Due to the quality of our work for major corporations we are experiencing rapid growth. The challenge is to manage this so that we continue to offer the excellence that made this growth possible.

Momentum coaching has created clarity and certainty in our approach to the challenges of our business. Brigitte has facilitated our journey of discovery. Brigitte has assisted FinPa to focus on the real fundamentals that underpin organisational existence: who we are, what we stand for, why we are doing what we do, what drives us.

Being clear about our reason for being is transforming our business practices. We are committed to integrity, empowerment and learning in all our processes and relationships. We stand by our brand as one that enriches lives through effective communication.

Momentum coaching has facilitated the development of our business strategy, including our goal setting, recruitment, resourcing, marketing and sales.

Having an astute, experienced and committed external observer, who is passionate about our success, gives us peace of mind and a freedom to create the future we want for our business, knowing that all bases are covered.

Momentum coaching is an indispensable part of our business that nurtures innovation inside a sustainable business model.

Damian O’Sullivan, Director – FinPa New Media