If you are like most women, you love to wrap and decorate pretty packages for birthdays and Christmas, you also want to be able to find your ribbons and bows easily and fast. Or if you are into crafts and making cards as a hobby you need easy access to your *card stash* – here are 2 very simple ideas to make your hobby easier.

A very simple Jewellery organiser makes for great storage for your craft items. Simply pop your braids, embellishments; stickers, glue sticks, glue and more into the pockets. With its clear and individual pockets you can see easily at a glance what items you have and it’s easy to access one style of embellishment without having to sort through the other dozen just thrown into a drawer. When you are looking for a specific item for a specific card finding the one you need is a breeze. If you need more than one; you can organise everything to your own individual needs.

For all those ribbons on spools getting tangled together in your drawer a men’s trouser hanger will do the trick, simply unhook each individual arm and insert the hole of the spool onto the arm. Now you have all your ribbons together, it’s very easy to see what ribbons you have available and you can use the hanger as a dispenser to unroll what you need. This is also great for those big spools of gift ribbon used for wrapping presents.

You can hang these behind the door of your study or office, in the kid’s room – if it’s for their own craft supplies, or even in your wardrobe, they don’t take up much space at all and let you see and have access to your ribbons and craft supplies quickly and easily.