Hands up who has children that love to do arts and crafts. Hands up if you like to do arts and craft yourself and you would just like to have one area set aside for your hobby needs, from storing knitting needles and wool to sewing, quilting, embroidery or craft items. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to keep everything together in one place where you can find what you need? You could have a section for your own items and sections for the kids paint, cards, canvas etc.

It can be done, start with some basic shelving Ikea has a great range to get you started, and you can start off with small shelving and add to it, or buy the largest one and then buy the storage sections to fit your own needs. The great thing is you can end up with one storage centre all the one colour and style or you can mix it up and have bright contrasting colours. If it is a project centre you are sharing then each person can choose and have their own drawers and sections in whatever colours they want.

You can have open sections, drawers or just simple cubes arranged where and how you want with whatever items you need inside. Items such as the Bake stack can also be used to hold all your craft or office needs, with its narrow shelving it’s perfect for scissors, glue, ribbons, sticky tape, and with dividers you can keep everything separate – no ribbon stuck to sticky tape or paper clips and thumb tacks in a mess. When creating a project or craft space, take the time needed to inventory what you have and what you think you’ll need to be able to store everything this way you’ll be able to put together the project centre just right for you, or your children.