Mobile Bar

When you are a busy working mum who likes to entertain its great when you have 1 item that serves two purposes and did you know the humble kitchen trolley doubles as a wonderful mobile drinks trolley. Being able to have a mobile drinks trolley at parties is great, you can simply wheel it wherever it’s needed and it’s a lot easier than carrying trays with glasses and bottles of drinks – and if you have 2 it’s perfect to have one for the children with soft drink and juice and one for the drinking adults with wine, beer, glasses, and ice bucket etc.

If you live in a small unit you can always keep the kitchen trolley set up as a permanent drinks trolley that you can wheel out when guests pop in, it’s a lot smaller than having a bar taking up a good portion of your room. Of course the humble kitchen trolley is also perfect AS a kitchen trolley, you can store anything on it you need – from paper towels and spare tea towels, to glasses and cups, vegetables and fruit, tinned foods, cling wrap, garbage bags.

If you are not really a drinker the kitchen trolley has other uses at parties, besides a mobile bar, you can use it for serving after dinner tea and coffee – place your urn or kettle along with coffee, sugar, tea bags and milk and let your guests help themselves, on the lower shelves you can have biscuits, cakes, cheese platter that you can either leave for guests to help themselves, or place on the table. Having a kitchen trolley double as a drinks bar gives you a few extra sets of hands in one trolley, allowing your guests to relax and be free to enjoy themselves while you simply roll out your trolley with everything you need at the one time.