Milking It – Systems for Success in Life, Business and Home

We want to help you unleash your full potential

Are you sick and tired of the clutter and chaos in your home and business?

… Well you’re in the right place. And because we know you’re busy, we have created a FREE FRESH START program, to help you get started on your new path to success TODAY.

We want to help you unleash your full potential.

For the last ten years, it has been our mission to help successful women put systems in place in their lives, businesses and homes. Life is too short to allow the pain of chaos, clutter, time wasting activities and financial struggle to get in the way of what you really want. If you’re like me, you want to make sure you live your life in a meaningful way – I mean really living it to the fullest, reaching your true potential, enjoying stress-free time with your family and being the best person you can be.

You need motivation on a daily basis. But that’s not enough.  You also need step-by-step directions on how to organise each area of your life and business for success.  Our experience tells us that is you’re probably already successful and inspired and ‘happening’.  But what you need is to clear some space around you now so that you can focus and succeed.  You need to mentally and physically de-clutter and you need some systems for success.

Welcome to the Milking It Program

Our week by week approach to setting up systems in your life, business, and home guarantees that, if you follow the program, you will succeed. 100% GUARANTEED! We take our guarantee very seriously. We don’t want people in the program who aren’t going to succeed, so if you can tell that it’s not for you 7 days after you’ve purchased it, we will gladly give you your money back.

So what gets in the way of your Ideal life?

The answer is simple: the three “C’s”. Clutter, Chaos, and Confusion. Clutter in your office, your head, and your kitchen. Chaos in the morning when you should all be calmly heading out the door energised and inspired for the day ahead. And Confusion – what should I do next on my never-ending ‘to do list’? Which big dream am I working towards? Where am I supposed to be right now? What are my top 3 goals?

How it works

There are 12 “Systems for Success” that we will teach you.

We will show you how to set these up and maintain them so that 90% of all your daily challenges are addressed. Then you have the time to pursue your dreams. It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey towards your goal. The program works for beginners right through to expert “achievers”. It gives you back the energy, time and confidence you deserve. We’ve done all the hard work so you just follow along. The program has been designed for overwhelmed, busy entrepreneurial mums who don’t have time to muck around. Here’s how you will put systems for success in your life, business and home THIS YEAR:

  • Module 1: Your Ultimate Life
  • Module 2: How to Get What You Want
  • Module 3: Clearing the Past
  • Module 4: Health and Wellbeing
  • Module 5: Get Your Paper Flowing
  • Module 6: Milking It in your Office
  • Module 7: Milk Money
  • Module 8: Relationships
  • Module 9: What’s For Dinner?
  • Module 10: Children
  • Module 11: Social and Community
  • Module 12: Business Flow

Ready to make your dream life come to fruition?


Get Started Now - Only $197

Here’s what you’ll have instant access to:

  • ‘Your Ultimate Life workbook’ and videos, including bonus workshop with our leading vision boarding expert.
  • ‘How to Get What You Want’ workbook and videos which teaches you exactly how to achieve any goal.
  • ‘Clearing the Path to Success’ workbook and videos. Teaches you how to declutter any space and put a system in place so that it lasts!
  • ‘Energy Flow’ addresses your 6 levels of health and wellbeing.  Your weight will shift to its ideal level.
  • ‘Paper Flow’ teaches you how to put in place a fail-safe, best practice, paper and e-mail management system. Plus you receive a copy of our award-winning, best-selling book Paper Flow.
  • ‘Office Flow’ supports you step by step as you create an organised office where you LOVE to work
  • ‘Money Flow, the 4 Step formula to organising your Financial Success’ – includes our very popular workbook and training program to help you put in place your financial system and save a lot of money in the process.
  • ‘People Flow’, where you will rekindle the important relationships in your life and draw renewed strength.  Interviews with experts like Dr Mark Postles, psychologist Sabina Read, parenting expert Meg Parkinson and more will help you get a deeper understanding of you and your loved ones as you go on this transformational journey.
  • What’s For Dinner?’  is our popular meal planning system that will restore calm and connection in your household.
  • ‘Organising with Children’ will help you with both pre-school and school aged children with lots of practical tips and inspiration.
  • ‘Community Flow’ A system for managing all your friends, connections and social networks
  • 30 day free access to our Momentum Business Academy so you can get started with improving the profitability and productivity of your business.
  • You will enjoy 12 months’ access to the member lounge
  • More than 52 hours of videos
  • 12 comprehensive workbooks
  • Watch the recorded presentations at your convenience
  • 52 weekly e-mails that take you to your plans
  • A forum with a community of like-minded people who share, inspire and keep you accountable.

We are going to help you achieve that and
won’t be satisfied until you succeed.

We’ll stay committed to you achieving your results…
even when you’re not!

Ready to make your dream life come to fruition?


Get Started Now - Only $197

Meet Brigitte

Brigitte Johnson is the founder of She’s Organised and is an author, presenter and business coach with a passion for helping busy people achieve work-life balance with her ‘systems for success’.

Brigitte’s first book, Did You Remember The Milk? is the essential home organiser for very busy people. It helped many people get organised and became the inspiration her popular online program Milking it, systems for success in life, business and home. Her second book Paper Flow, your ultimate guide to making paperwork easy has helped entrepreneurs and individuals around the world.

Brigitte lives in Brisbane, Australia with her 3 children who provide plenty of inspiration for her books, blogs and organisational resources.

Ready to make your dream life come to fruition?


Get Started Now - Only $197

Brigitte was able to converse like a friend but respect you and treat your issues on a business level. Her tools were informative and easy to put into action and she definitely made you accountable for all actions you said you would do. Brigitte is an intelligent and warm person who will get you the results you are looking for as long as you help her, by doing the work you need to improve yourself. I can highly recommend Brigitte as a business motivator and also someone who can take you to a whole other level in your business and personal goals.

Shaynna Blaze-Vaughan

The Block and Selling Houses Australia, Interior Designer

With this program I’ve learned a change in mindset and that my head has been holding on to negatives. I’ve also de-cluttered my space in just weeks, in which it used to take me years!

Nadia Constantinidis

I went from a never ending mountain of anxiety to an established, clear, and manageable routine with this program. I had chaos of 3 children and a business to run and my life was overwhelmed by disorganisation and avoidance. I now know what needs to be done and when, I have more time with my family, and an increased cashflow!

Sandi Cant

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