‘Believe in yourself and keep jumping in’

Lisa Messenger on life, business and playing big

What a huge pleasure it was to interview the inspirational Lisa Messenger for our launch week here at She’s Organised. The Collective team’s mantra is “anything’s possible” and as they champion entrepreneurs from around the globe, their editor Lisa is leading by example, carving her own path and setting an example of what’s possible if you keep following your dreams.

Congrats on double digits for The Collective. Issue # 14 on its way. What inspired you to create the world’s greatest mag?

I was sick of the gossip and negative content portrayed in so much of the media. I wanted something that could showcase brands and individuals and really get the story behind the story to inspire others and show them that anything is possible

We hear you’ve been invited to Richard Branson’s Necker Island this November – wow – what are you going to do there and what will you pack?

Yes, it will be one of those truly amazing pinch yourself moments. I believe there will only be 28 of us on the island and Richard will be there for the whole four and a half days! I’ll be packing my tennis racket. I hear he’s keen for a hit at 7am sharp every day!

We love seeing people’s offices. What does yours look like?

My office is very much like a home. Floor to ceiling glass windows so very light and bright. My dog Benny comes to work every day. We have big fluffy white sofas and a massive deck filled with plants overlooking the city of Sydney. It’s a happy homely space

How does your mantra of “anythings possible” apply to you on a daily basis – how do you love it and what does it help you to achieve?

I truly believe everyone is equal in this world and that there are opportunities absolutely everywhere if you are open to them. You just have to believe in yourself and keep jumping in, taking risks and moving forward. Nobody ever achieved anything great by staying small.

We’d love to know what do you keep in your handbag?

Haha you really don’t right now – it’s a complete mess. I’m moving so fast at the moment that details just fade into the distance. Its probably filled with doggy bags, copies of the Collective, some make up and an assortment of other crazy things. My partner thinks I’m mad – the other day I did say to him randomly “who’d be a woman’s handbag” as I was once again searching in the depths for something or other. In short, it’s a mess!

What or who inspires you?

My readers inspire me every day. They are having the courage to take risks and I literally receive hundreds of emails every single day from them telling me about their triumphs and hardships. It melts my heart.

What are your top organising tips for entrepreneurs?

Surround yourself with a great team. Entrepreneurs move fast and we need a great team to keep us on track, do the detail and implement

Daring and DisruptiveIf you had 24 hours left on this earth, what would you do?

Probably just hang out with my partner, my family and my closest friends and have really close nurturing time. At the end of the day, its these intimate moments of true connection that are the most sacred

You travel a lot with your job which sounds exciting. How do you keep fit, sane and organised when you’re on the road?

I have a “training is not negotiable” mantra. I train and keep fit as a priority. My health has become my number one priority above all else. Without it I have nothing. I realised this late last year when I became extremely fatigued and had complete burn out. I was a crap boss, partner and friend. It was a great wake up that without my health I have nothing and cannot be the very best version of me.

We’re hanging out for your new book Daring and Disruptive – unleashing the entrepreneur. Can you give us a little hint?What can we expect?

Well its not the tell all (that is being written on a daily basis and will be released in about 5 years) but its pretty gritty. Its basically my philosophies on business and life and lots of my personal stories and anecdotes along the way. It’s a pretty personal insight into who I am. You can get your copy here.

Lisa Messsenger, Editor-in-Chief Renegade Collective

LisaMessenger1_smlFounder/Editor-In-Chief Lisa Messenger started her business life in sponsorship and events, brokering international deals for the likes of The Wiggles, Barry Humphries and Cirque du Soleil, before she expanded to PR (managing her own firm) and book publishing (where her company produced more than 400 books for others with a disruptive new approach). In 2013, with a strong sense of purpose and her entrepreneurial spirit firing, she launched The Collective. Under her leadership, it has grown rapidly into a multi-media brand to more than 30 countries, has defied the odds of the print magazine industry and along the way, has created a community of like-minded, driven, talented and inspired human beings. As Uber Australia General Manager David Rohrsheim says, Lisa is… “A powerful combination to make the impossible happen”.

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So great to have you here and LOVE The Gos cover this month. An inspiring story for anyone afraid of failure. xx