Drink Bottles

Sometimes drink bottles have a habit of getting out of hand, from taking a drink bottle to the gym, to work, out on walks, for your child’s school lunch or to sporting activities it’s amazing how within a family you end up with so many. Children often end up with 3 or 4 – for school, for sport, for being out and about, and in that early morning rush to get lunches prepared and school bags packed the last thing you need to do is be rummaging around your kitchen cupboards not only looking for the drink bottle, but also for that elusive lid.

A very simple solution to this problem is to buy, or if you have a spare over the door shoe holder simply attach one to the inside of your pantry door, but instead of storing shoes, use those roomy and deep pockets for drink bottles. This way you can store everyone’s drink bottle safely – and with the lid attached, you can even have set lines for each family members drink bottles, no more fighting as everyone knows which drink bottle is theirs. This is a very simple storage solution that allows you to see all the household drink bottles in one glance, and when you have that early morning rush all the bottles are easy to see and to reach. Try and buy an over the door shoe holder that has clear pockets this makes it easier to see the contents.

If you want you can get your children to label their *pouches* or add cute stickers it’s a great way to have your children enjoy putting their bottles back and to know where to go when they need one. No more loose bottles falling out of the cupboard or getting lost never to be seen again