DIY Shelves

While some people use shelves for decoration they can also be used for home storage and organisation. Thanks to the D.I.Y craze you can purchase shelving of different styles, colours, shapes, materials and textures from any hardware store. You can buy shelves already made – that you just attach to the wall, or you can make the shelving yourself – this way you can make it to the shape or size you need. Shelves can be suspended from the ceiling, be free standing in any part of the room, or attached to the wall. If you want to *think outside the box* you can use storage crates or boxes nailed, or glued together to make a unique display.

Shelving can be fancy and used as decoration and can be installed in any room in the house – kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or laundry; shelves are great for providing extra storage space – rather than your floor, desk or bench top. You can also add extra shelving to your pantry, linen cupboard or wardrobe. You can help keep your baby’s room tidy by adding shelving for their books or toys.

Before beginning any DIY shelving project you will need to consider the room you want to add the shelves to, and choose the colour, style and material to match the room. Take your measurements and work out exactly where you want the shelving to go, and check that any brackets or mounts are suitable for your wall and that you have all the necessary tools for the job.

You can use shelving to store shoes, books, photos, works of art, flowers, magazines, toys, in the laundry to store cleaning products, recipe books in the kitchen, towels in the bathroom. DIY Shelves are a great way of both complimenting your homes décor while providing a practical storage solution – after all who doesn’t need a little more organisation in their busy life?