Success Story – Spyderhouse Designs

Loving the webinars:

Loving Momentum Platinum:

Brigitte!! Look what you have done! You’ve built this group of ours in such a short time, and it shows your talent and intelligence and care and insight and hard work and patience and humour and, and…. thank you! I know under your calm exterior, your feet are going a million miles an hour, so thanks for doing what you’re doing 🙂

We’re making huge inroads with our business and can’t thank you enough. The client attraction methods are working so well I wish I had started with Momentum Business Academy years ago!!

Spyderhouse Designs

Success Story – Ros J

Hi Brigitte,

I just wanted you to know that I’m hoping you’ll to do a follow-up webinar as we ran out of time yesterday for all your slides. You have great information and inspiration to share and I really enjoy your ideas.

Warm regards,

Ros J

Success Story – Jenny

Thank you, thank you, thank you! So great to get a follow up as it was a little hard to catch everything in amongst life’s interruptions.

Many thanks,


Success Story – Judy

Hi Brigitte,

Thank you for a very helpful webinar yesterday.

I would have liked to take more notes if I wasn’t nursing a baby, and I would like to know if I would be able to access a copy of yesterday’s presentation. I bought your DYRTM book some time ago although we have had a few years in the “muddle” of renovating along with having our 7th child 10 weeks ago. I feel like I need all the organising tips I can get!

Progress is happening. I am inspired.

Thank you for giving me this help.



Success Story – Sandi Cant

Thanks Brigitte

Thrust into the role of business manager was not what I expected when I left full time public service to have my first child. As the business has continued to grow, the paperwork has also evolved into a never ending mountain of anxiety. With no formal business education I hit the ground running and dealt with each issue that arose as best I could at the time. Add in three kids, two of which are twins born 10 weeks premature and one busy husband and chaos quickly took over. No matter how hard I resolved to do better next financial year, it never changed. Without a framework, keeping up to date was too hard to manage.

Not only was the paperwork overwhelming but I also had to manage every detail of the business and make decisions which had consequences for our family. My husband is a tradesman and works long days in the hot Queensland sun. The last thing he wants to do is paperwork or think about what needs to be done. There are a lot of changes to keep up with such as taxation and legislation which impacts on small business. We were getting jobs located on mine sites which required attention to detail and new practices which hadn’t had to deal with so far. To get this wrong could prove very costly. I was so disorganized that I felt overwhelmed and really not up to the tasks at hand even though I knew that I was capable. As I work from home, there is no structure or deadlines which I have to adhere to and this makes for an ambivalent attitude towards getting the jobs done. Things started to pile up. I would watch television for hours and read books and magazines, all to avoid going into the office.

With the Milking It and Paper Flow system, I have established a clear and manageable routine which fits in perfectly with my role as a wife, mother and business manager. I don’t have that anxious feeling at 3am, waking up thinking what bills I hadn’t paid and quotes I hadn’t sent. Now I know what needs to be done on what day and then when that is finished I take some time for myself to watch television or read.

The flow on effect has been immediate. Arguments with my husband about work related matters ceased as I felt more capable of dealing with the business. Work related enquiries have increased and cash flow has also increased due to more timely input of invoices. The house is tidier and calmer and I no longer feel embarrassed when unexpected guests drop in. The kids have also embraced some of the ideas in organizing their homework and at home projects. We now have more time and energy to do things such as gardening. I also feel confident going away for the weekend knowing that my work has been completed for the week and everything is up to date.

Sandi Cant

Success Story – Damian O’Sullivan

FinPa New Media is a small software development company with blue chip clients. Due to the quality of our work for major corporations we are experiencing rapid growth. The challenge is to manage this so that we continue to offer the excellence that made this growth possible.

Momentum coaching has created clarity and certainty in our approach to the challenges of our business. Brigitte has facilitated our journey of discovery. Brigitte has assisted FinPa to focus on the real fundamentals that underpin organisational existence: who we are, what we stand for, why we are doing what we do, what drives us.

Being clear about our reason for being is transforming our business practices. We are committed to integrity, empowerment and learning in all our processes and relationships. We stand by our brand as one that enriches lives through effective communication.

Momentum coaching has facilitated the development of our business strategy, including our goal setting, recruitment, resourcing, marketing and sales.

Having an astute, experienced and committed external observer, who is passionate about our success, gives us peace of mind and a freedom to create the future we want for our business, knowing that all bases are covered.

Momentum coaching is an indispensable part of our business that nurtures innovation inside a sustainable business model.

Damian O’Sullivan, Director – FinPa New Media

Success Story – Luke O’Sullivan

Running a small business is a challenge. There is a myriad of decisions to make everyday and often, making these decisions and trusting your own instincts can be difficult.

In the Live Entertainment Industry the day to day running of the business can include overseeing the management of staff, stock ordering and control, website planning and maintenance, ticketing and box office administration, finance and maintaining stable working relationships with suppliers and sponsors. This can be overwhelming at times, as can the constant pursuit of external opportunities necessary for the growth and diversification of the business.

I thought I was smart enough and resilient enough to tough it out, to work it out, to eventually sort it out and find a way but, like so many businesses, I was under resourced and under capitalized. At this point the thought of a business coach was a bit of an indulgence I thought we could do without.

I was wrong. What I’ve learnt since working with Brigitte is that having someone external to your business can be an enormous benefit to the business. Brigitte listened with genuine interest and absorbed a manic download at a difficult time. She then identified a number of critical, problematic issues, which were enormously beneficial to me. Brigitte has great insight, and an ability to extract necessary information whilst all the time working with you and allowing you to solve the particular problem you are tackling.

Each week the process was much the same, mad download, where are we going to take it, where’s it going to go, BANG, another important issue tackled, resolved, prioritised, strategised and put to bed. Some issues may have been quite trivial, but confusing, subsequently standing in the way of moving forward. Others were more involved but when discussed and analysed were made to look simple and achievable. That’s Brigitte’s real skill, which thankfully I have benefited from greatly.

Brigitte has helped to keep the momentum going, she has kept me in a positive frame of mind and provided me with a clarity that has freed me up and helped me to manage my time, my business and subsequently my life more productively.

Luke O’Sullivan, Owner – Hi Fi Bar & Ballroom

Success Story – Kate Adamson

“I was amazed at how useful it has been….I felt extremely comfortable with the professional approach and was able to trust her opinion and therefore share very personal information with her. I developed a very strong, dynamic and extremely satisfying relationship with Brigitte that produced fantastic results for me. She was an excellent listener and was very patient. By the end of each session Brigitte had helped me set some achievable tasks so I could get started immediately. She helped me put together a longer term framework to achieve goals as well. I looked forward to each coaching session and getting results each time.” – Kate Adamson

Success Story – A. Duigan

“Coaching was extremely beneficial and exceeded all expectations. The benefit was being able to spend a set amount of time with a professional identifying goals and working out ways to achieve them. For me there are many things I would like to achieve and improve but didn’t know how to start and never allocated the time to get started. Coaching was perfect for a person like me as it gave me a practical way to make things happen and get results. I was challenged by coaching in that it made me look at things differently, creatively and openly. I was made to work hard and use a new way of thinking to explore solutions. As a result I have done many things differently and put in practice the actions we developed together through coaching.” – A. Duigan

Success Story – Catherine

Dear Brigitte,

Thanks for coming along to present to the WCEI group. Everyone left the night energized and excited! Thanks for a wonderful presentation. It was great!