The Digital Disaster Zone

orgnasing+photosAre you overwhelmed by your digital images?

Digital clutter is on the increase. People are overwhelmed by images that are stored on memory cards, CD, USB, hard drive, phones, tablets, cloud and a plethora of photo sorting and storing software programs. And it is not only digital images that people feel overwhelmed by; it can also be negatives, slides and prints. No matter what format your precious memories are in we understand that all you want to do is enjoy your photos and have peace of mind that they are safe.

Here are our top 5 tips to help keep your digital photos organised.

1. Check your camera settings: having the correct date on your images will save you time and energy in the future
2. Delete the dodgy ones straight away: Resist the urge to keep all your images and be conscious that a bad photo is just digital clutter.
3. Have a place for everything so everything can be in its place: whatever filing system you use be consistent and make sure everyone knows and uses it.
4. BACK UP!: Wherever, however – just do it!
5. Make it a habit: just like your lawns, your photos deserve your efforts with maintenance, if you stay on top of it you can keep organised in just 30mins a month – promise!


Once your photos are organised it is super easy to utilise your photos in photobooks, slide shows and all the other display options in the current market. Once utilised the enjoyment for you and others comes naturally. As does the peace of mind that you can easily ensure the safety of those images with regular backups.

She's Organised

Think about your kitchen, if your fridge is full of healthy ingredients and your meals planned in advance how much easier is it to do the right thing?

The Filing Fairies are here to help you over that initial hurdle; be it digitising old prints and slides or searching for images on numerous devices. We manipulate your environment to make the things you should be doing (enjoying your photos) easy.

Our organise > utilise > enjoy concept can apply to a myriad of situations and life scenarios. I hope we have inspired you to think ‘organised’ and look for ways to ‘hide the cookies’.

About the author:

Mara from the Filing Fairies is a Professional Organiser specialising in photo and office organisation including paper and digital filing. They provide easy to use solutions to small business, individuals and families. For more info, contact: